New Cross-Border Logistics Open Platform

Abundant channels with transparent prices, pick the best fit supplier to enhance your online business!

Always comparing quotes across all cross-border shippers? Too strenuous to find the best option?

It is no longer troublesome! Less efforts will be required. Shippers will only need to create a freight inquiry and multiple suppliers will provide quotes for you. Get freight quotes in a few simple steps.


Push your inquiry to dozens of carriers simultaneously

Get notifications of quotes received from carriers immediately


Customize your inquiry according to your needs

Quick comparison of quotations received from different carriers

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Difficult for you to explore new business?

Publish your quotes for free!


Flexible and diverse

Various channels and quotes in multiple valuation methods available


High exposure

Standardize the way you create quotes with detailed freight quote information, helping you boost your business quickly


More businesses with less efforts

Promote your channels to help you find potential customers

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Logistics channel information can be distributed to thousands of merchants with just one click and help you find prospective customers easily.

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